Natural Beauty of Landsea Meilizhou in Mist of TTC Rubymist

Located in the central area of Liangzhu near Meilizhou Park, Landsea Meilizhou is next to Liangzhu Culture Village, and it has fresh air and nice environment. TTC Rubymist misting system is installed in Landsea Meilizhou recently to add romantic feeling to the beautiful views of Meilizhou.
As a combination of condos and green technologies, Landsea Meilizhou uses TTC Rubymist to realize the idea of ^harmonious coexistence of environment, building and human ̄. There are waterfalls and pools covered with mist of TTC Rubymist near the chamber of Meilizhou to create the conception of ^more natural than the nature ̄ and this project combines green technologies of Landsea with natural misting effect of TTC Rubymist perfectly. As a result, it is a joint show made by Landsea Group which is leading green technologies in the real estate industry and TTC Rubymist which is specialized in creating healthy and eco-friendly environment. TTC Rubymist can use its wisdom to help create rhythmic modern building groups and let people have better understanding about the relationship among building, water and human, and enjoy high-quality environment. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran