TTC Rubymist Artificial Misting Project at Yichang Railway Station

In the hot and dry weather, the big traffic flow in cities results in heavy dirt deposit and consequently, the granular pollutant around the large railway station located at the traffic hinge center is more than that at the general public places. Upon entering Yichang East Railway Station, TTC Rubymist has brought it extremely wonderful gardening landscape environment which can have cooling and dedusting in the very hot summer and provide very comfortable environment for passengers.

As a landmark building in Yichang, Yichang East Railway Station is not only the largest railway station in the area of the Three Gorges but also the significant traffic center in Yichang City. Its biggest feature is that a viaduct extends to the station square to facilitate cars and buses to transport passengers; meanwhile, the station square is delicately planned with the parking lot, greening belts, and TTC Rubymist artificial misting etc., offering comfortable environment for passengers to wait for and take rains.

TTC Rubymist artificial misting is installed at the station square of Yichang East Railway Station, creating the quiet atmosphere that is very green and lingered with light misting. The TTC artificial misting can not only conserve moisture for plants, but can also maintain fresh air and have notable effects of cooling and dedusting. The opening of Rubymist spraying will neither affect the outdoor activities of pedestrians on the station square nor get their clothes wet. The fine misting granules are floating in the air and form small convective flows together with the high temperature air in the ambient environment with the evaporation of misting granules so as to reach the purpose of cooling; at the same time, the scattering of water mist will form a certain space which therefore blocks the direct sunshine and results in more distinct cooling effect; in addition, if it is under the circumstance of more rising dust granules, the misting granules near the ground can fully absorb the rising granule pollutant to reach the purpose of improving air quality and dedusting and furthermore it will neither get the ground wet nor produce any water logging. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran