Fog Diffusing along the Thousand-island Lake

This spring, TTC Rubymist entered the Thousand-island Lake which has been called as the most beautiful waterscape under heavenand cooperated with Thousand-island Lake Resort Apartment to build a secluded, mysterious artistic conception for leisure touring. At present, this program has been finished smoothly, the successful operation of TTC Rubymist artificial misting equipment has not only created an aesthetic visual banquet for the leisure touring region of the apartment, but has also added some hazy aesthetic feeling and spiritual charm to the scenery of the Thousand-island Lake.  

As the first internationalized tourism and resort complex subordinated to Green Town Group, Green Town • Thousand-island Lake Resort Apartment is located in the central area of Thousand-island Lake Town, Chunan County, surrounded by water in the three directions including the west, north and south, directly faces the beautiful landscape of the central area of the Thousand-island Lake, sits back on the prosperous business community of the city and is a superior quality resort area which is extremely rare within the Thousand-island Lake Scenic Area. Undoubtedly, the advantageous lake scenery resource is the highlight that can not be duplicated by the resort apartment, but as for the landscape of the whole apartment, the alliance of TTC Rubymist artificial misting is never the simple embellishment only: the diffuse light misting is floating under the dense and green trees, wandering between the splendid flowers and grass and lingering under the thatched cottages that are full of rustic charm; TTC Rubymist artificial misting has brought the artistic conception originally belonged to remote mountains described as the poem The wind swayed the forest with dense rain and the floating misting followed me while I walked on the path to the very beautiful bank of the Thousand-island Lake; as a result, it has not only enriched the landscape patterns, but has also added the experience of leisure and touring, so that vacationists can also experience the secluded and mysterious mountain forest while having nice view on the vast lake scenery at this land surrounded by water. 

Upon opening the Rubymist, the light misting is hovering, greatly rendering the original appearance of the mountain forest at the apartment touring region and creating a healthy forest oxygen bar. The particular feeling resulted from the misting has not only been accepted by the general design party of the resort apartment, but has also been praised by vacationists! In spring, with the very beautiful unexpected meeting of the misting and the lake, the misting  creates secluded artistic conception for the lake which has left the footprints of exploration for the misting! Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran