“Misting Waterfall” Gorgeously Appeared at the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of TCL

On September 28th, 2011, the evening party for the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of TCL got opened at Huizhou Jiangbei Gymnasium, Guangdong. TTC Rubymist provided particular stage artistic design for the evening party which has not only enhanced the expressive force of the stage, but has also enriched the visual enjoyment for the audience.

After 30 years, TCL has gorgeously turned into a “huge elephant” in the global consumer electronics field nowadays from a small factory of producing magnetic tapes. With the subject “Innovation, Fighting, Thanks-giving”, the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of TCL revealed its development course from TCL business establishment, development and internationalized development together with its prospect to the future by dividing into four chapters as Start Flying--Bigger than the Sky, Soar--Happy Homestead, Heart--Make the World Moved and Chase Dreams--Never Stop. Upon opening the evening party, the Rubymist revealed its particular stage charm. The 14m long misting belt combined by six layers of fog effects poured down from top to bottom of the stage, was airy but also powerful and formed a dense white silk like belt that was hanging in mid-air; with the laser light projected on this “misting waterfall”, the image of an eagle fluttering and soaring high was clearly visible among the white misting which did not only contained the development desire of TCL to build an eagle like enterprise, but also contained the ambitiousness of TCL people to surge ahead; as for the dance “Friends Coming From Afar” in the chapter “Start Flying”, the misting effect from top to bottom did not only make up the effect that could not be reached by the field dry ice artificial misting, but also enhanced the field appeal of the entire dance with the controllable artificial misting system.  

At the whole evening party for the 30th anniversary ceremony, the spiritual scenes created by the “misting waterfall” also had tremendous ones which have created very unusual stage enjoyment for the audience.


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Yuting Taoran