Great Love Is Silent, Great Beauty Is Intangible

The Chinese characters ¡°Xi Yi¡± are originated from Tao Te Ching: ¡°Xi means something you can see but is invisible and Yi means something you can hear but is silent¡± and refer to a dreamlike and wonderful place.
On July 6th, 2011, the fairy tale fantasy show Dreamlike and Wonderful Dali ---- Cloud of Longing for Husband was premiered grandly at the ancient town Dali after the preparations made in over three years as well as the design, construction, writing and directing, rehearsing made for over two years. This show is the first landscaping real scene performance of Director Chen Kaige with the total investment reaching 250 million Yuan. The stage is built on a reservoir covering an area of over 220mu at the northeast corner of the ancient town Dali, covers an area of 130,000m2 which is not only the No. 1 in Asia in terms of the size, but also is the stage that has the most complicated design and most advanced technology all through Asia by far. It can not only turn 360 degree, but also has the function to move, float, go up and down etc., and is even much more complicated than the stage for the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games.
Over the stage, there is a rainbow bridge (235m wide, 30m high) which is called as ¡°the eye of Dali¡± completely built by steel and flies across the entire stage. The outer span of the bridge is 158m and the inner one is 138m, so the visual effect of the stage is extremely shocking. In the whole stage artistic design agenda, the rainbow bridge also plays a role as a water curtain. TTC Rubymist has won the design and construction right for this water curtain movie project owing to its experience in real scene opera stage artistic design for many years and its successful cases created for the water curtain movie of North Korea Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The total length of the deluge system arranged on the rainbow bridge reaches 128m at the size equal to that by putting dozens of IMAX screens together and it is said to be the largest deluge water curtain in present China and even Asia. In terms of the screen performance, the definition is basically close to that of the electronic screen at the bridge wall and furthermore it has more three-dimensional solid sense than the latter, producing extremely strong visual appeal on site.
3 minutes before answering a curtain call, the huge size deluge system will pour down from the midair 30m high by matching with the stage artistic design elements including sound, light, electricity, special effect and video etc. and the scene is really spectacular, which does not only express the romantic charm of ¡°the eye of Dali¡± to the fullest, but also pushes the scenario of the entire real scene performance to the upsurge, marking the full stop for the whole performance. Tianteng Rubymist International Co., Ltd.
Yuting Taoran ¡¡